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About SAFE Foundation

about SAFE foundation

We are always there when others need help

Since 2007, SAFE Foundation has been a key developmental partner in the North Central Province and many other Sri Lankan provinces. We aim to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental development. We focus on the poorest and most vulnerable in our community. We seek to eradicate widespread poverty, inequality, and exclusion in Sri Lankan households, local communities, and regions. We aim to build resilience within communities for sustainable development and growth.


SAFE Foundation works closely with civil society, the private sector, a variety of government agencies and about 220 local communities.

We also partner with many international development agencies, such as USAID, SDC, FAID, ILO, IOM, EU, Resilience Fund, Australian High Commission, Australian Volunteers Program, Stichting Theo de Wit Lanka Education Fund, and FAO.

About Gainioz
About Gainioz
About Gainioz

SAFE supports the rights of the poor and marginalised by liaising with government officials, private sector professionals, and fellow Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). We form grassroots-level Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to own and manage village development programs and activities. Self-Help Groups (SHGs) assist each other, mainly to develop livelihoods at village-level Community-Based Organisations.

SAFE follows the principles of project cycle management; institutional development; financial management; and Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL).

About Gainioz
About Gainioz
About Gainioz
Our footprints

15 years in Sri Lanka

  • 2007

    SAFE Foundation is started by a group of activists in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka to help relieve people from poverty, exploitation and marginalisation

  • 2008

    SAFE focuses on community development by targeting the rights of children, empowering the family, and creating a peaceful, united community. FORUT was our first development partner

  • 2009

    Addresses underlying causes of poverty such as lack of education, female participation and income generation to build community resilience. Stichting Theo de Wit Lanka Education Fund partners with SAFE and this partnership is still ongoing.

  • 2010

    Launches a microfinance program to relieve acute poverty by working with European development partners. We begin to build resilience in local communities through female empowerment, livelihood, and community mobilisation activities.

  • 2013

    Promotes the economic, social and political rights of women and girls. This is done in the context of sustainable development where women’s contributions are understood to be key to Sri Lanka’s overall development.

  • 2015

    Launches larger initiatives in the North Central Province such as education; health; livelihood; and peace and inclusion programs aimed at holistic community development.

  • 2019

    Promotes climate-resistant, organic farming through a public-private partnership model. The Green Chilli Project aims to benefit 1,200 farmers in North Central Province over 3 years. Emphasis is on organic farming and modern techniques.

    Works on major social issues at a national level as a result of our past performance. Working with developmental partners on larger projects with a wider outreach. SAFE takes a leading role in NGO discussion and activism on Trafficking in Persons (TIP), Human Smuggling, and Safe Labour Migration in Sri Lanka.